Monday, October 6, 2014

First Annual Kris & Phil's Retro Revival Ride - Durham Forest

Bill's IBIS, Phil's Rocky, Kris's Klein, Paul's Trek, Derek's Kona

Kris and I have been floating this idea around for a while and the ride finally took place this past Sunday at Durham Forest. 

It was 8 degrees when we rolled out at 9:30 ish but the trail conditions were mint. 

We have lots of ideas and venues for future rides ( think Mono Center, Seaton, Mansfield etc. ).  We had a mix of old and new rides and all ages and levels out and everyone had a blast. 

We did 2 loops so everyone had as much as they wanted.  No major mechanical issues even though I kept expecting the air upgrade kit in my Judy XC to project upwards at 180 psi :)  Paul's Trek put the rake in RAKE.  Good Times !!