Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rinascita Di Una Leggenda...

What a difference a few part swaps make on a classic bike like the Colnago Master X Light.  This frame has been with me for a while and I finally retired the Ambrosia rims and the Durrachi crank set ( sacrilege I know )  Enter Mavic Kysrium SLR, Campagnolo Record 11 speed cranks, Pinarello Most Bar / Stem combo, Pro Evo Stealth Seatpost,  Flite Ti Saddle, Look S-Track MTB pedals and the 61 cm bike weighs in at 17.6 lbs as pictured.  Not bad for a steel frame and 1/2 carbon Colnago fork.

 I wish I had a chance to throw all of this on pre Ride For Karen but never had the time.  The last few long road rides have been great with more to come.  I am glad I kept it and I have a few more part swaps to make but I am 2/3rds done.

Jury is still out on the Mavic Tires and their longevity.  Stay tuned.