Monday, June 7, 2010

Niner MCR 9 - 2 Months Later

May is turning out to be a month that does not bring good news. I have not posted to the blog in a few weeks so I thought I would throw up a quick post on the new bike. I also wanted to thank all of you who have sent me emails from Spain to Maine, I am glad you find this little corner of the inter-web inspiring.

I have put about 200 km of dirt on this rig since I finished the build. I'm not going to be able to shed any new ' magic ' information on a steel 29'er with a rigid fork except to say this bike is bringing lots of grins. Maybe it's the topo maps themed artwork that has made me feel like exploring. Riding new trails and getting back to a simple kind of riding with a 1x9 drive train. Sag settings - lockouts + good rubber = high fun factor a.k.a Niner MCR 9.

I tweaked a few set up details like adding the Salsa Pro Moto Carbon bar with 17 degree sweep.

The bar is great and I am liking the hand positioning it gives you. The Rholoff chain guide is on and doing what it should be doing. Only drag is no bar ends allowed. Not sure why but ?

The Bontrager XXX Lite stem was off my Superfly from 2 years ago and the Suntour thumb shifter would further add to my vintage status.

The piece that is really impressing me on this bike are the 2011 Shimano Deore Disc Brakes. No need to spend hundreds on a brake set up when you can buy these. They have great modulation and reach adjustment and benefit from the Shimano no pad rub that they are known for.

Finally got my Mavic Crossmax back with a new rear hub from a 26" wheel. Not sure what the problem was but they failed again after 8 rides post original warranty fix. Not good but they are back.....for now. I honestly don't think I could buy another set again unless they completely change the freehub / pawl set up. Not too much to ask given the $ they are fetching.