Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gumstand & Butter Gap ( Pisgah )

When they say rugged I get what they mean now. This is remote, technical, tough single track at it's finest. Rode these 2 gaps today and it was tough.

Starting with a 5 mile climb the trail then drops down along side a series of waterfalls and crosses a few streams. Throw in a log bridge or 3 and you have pretty much the lay of the land.

This is a very big area and you get the sense that if your not paying attention on the downhills your going to end up lost.

You can spend a summer in here and not ride everything. In all the times I have been here I have not spent that much time in Pisgah proper. This will change on the next visit for sure. One of the 2 bike shops at the forest entrance had a fleet of nice rentals as well. Ibis Mojo's and Foes FXR's.

The best way I can think of to end this trip and also to look forward to the next visit ( summer of 2010 or annual spring fling 2011 ).

Nothing is finer than riding in Carolina. Ciao.