Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter WOW from the Wizard of Wheels

What a incredible end to the month of November. Today's Winter WOW enduro ( hosted by W.O.W. & Mansfield Outdoor Center ) was probably the best weather they have had in years. The forest was in pristine shape and the rain on Friday packed the sand down on some of the traditionally hard climbs like " Stairway to Heaven " and a host of others. I actually made the whole climb which is rare.

While this enduro was 40 km it was by all accounts a much better format than the Hardwood one a few weeks back. I am a big fan of the monster loop format and having spent many a day riding in Dufferin / Mansfield with Mike & Co. from W.O.W. this is one of my favorite rides.

I do think the rigid fork experiment is nearing a end as I was wishing ( actually praying ) I had my Fox on for at least half the ride. My back and hands were screaming after some of the long sections of singletrack. This is officially the last MTB event of 2009 in Southern Ontario and more importantly the equipment breaking in the woods spell has been lifted.

For comparisons sake I thought I would throw up a picture of this same event under different conditions. It is hard to believe that this is JUST around the corner :)