Monday, June 22, 2015

Twisted Cityscape View

Lots of kms this year it seems variety is the theme developing.  Cross adventure rides, MTB epics and LOTS of road kms.

Had a chance to ride the Canada Cup course at both Hardwood and Horseshoe and we really liked what Superfly did with the Horseshoe venue.  Who'd a thunk it. 

The Don has been great and the trails have been delivering good rides minus the insane red ants or spiders or whatever has been biting the hell out of us.

Peter Oyler has struck out on his own with Mindset Cycling and this past weekend about 60 people showed up in Goodwood for a great ride in and around Zephyr / Ravenshoe and surrounding roads.  It was a great day and a good groupetto. 

Got to preview some of the Dagmar trails today and all I can is " I can't wait ".  Having these trails online in August is going to breath some new life in the Durham / Walker loop options and although not quite as technical and raw as the old Dagmar ( at least what I rode ) its gonna be sweeet nonetheless.  Getting geared up for the Pan Am Games next...