Monday, April 13, 2015

What's the definition of insanty ?

Isn't it something like doing the same thing expecting a different outcome ?  So why am I riding Mavic wheels you may ask after my 2 year ordeal with the Crossmax 29er wheels ?  Well I got a killer deal on a set of Kysrium SLR's and could not pass them up at that below cost price for new wheels.  Plus a few years have past right ? Well at least that's what I keep telling myself.

So let me skip to the coles notes on these.  Superlight and very very strong.  A bit of wheel flex with the rear non drive side carbon spokes.  Braking is great ( Exalith rim treatment ) but expect MEGA noise unless you run a extreme toe in.  ( 1mm on front 3mm on tailing ).  Stealth look and the tires are pretty good too.  Wore through a new set of Mavic Exalith pads on the downhills of NC. 

I have about 1000 km on them so far so we will see how well they hold up after a summer of Grand Fondos and club rides.