Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dog Days of......June

Spent the last few weeks riding up at Durham and Walker Woods.  The trail gnomes have been busy with a few nice new sections of trail and the conditions and weather has been nothing short of amazing ( minus the mosquito's and poison ivy ).

I wish DMBA / IMBA or others would take a few minutes and offer up some rider etiquette lessons for new riders.  While this idea is nice to float around I realize the logistics and access would be difficult to capture the right audience ( keep in mind even seasoned riders could benefit from a refresher ).

Maybe the onus sits with riders in general to pass on some knowledge ?  I'm not sure but when you see hikers literally jump off the trail to avoid bikers and downhill riders making zero attempt at yielding to uphill riders you gotta wonder if people are even aware ?

Places like Durham are heavily used by many different groups on non directional trails and while this won't address all the issues it sure as heck would be a good start.  This is part of the reason we have been going there at different times hoping to avoid the morning mad house that the weekends seem to turning into.

Kris is starting up some night riding in Durham so if this sounds good to you reach out to me and I can get you the nights and times we are meeting up.