Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring time in the GTA

Durham Forest

Durham Forest - Check

Dufferin  Forest - Check

Don Valley - Check

Walker / 3 Rox - Wet down low so skip.

Rouge Valley - Not so check.....

April is always hit and miss with weather.  The trails are  thawing so lots of time spent on the roads north of the GTA and itching to get back on the MTB.

Durham on Sunday morning was great.  3 cars in the lot at 9 and at 12 the lot was packed.  Easy to stay off the trails that are still too wet as they have signs up but the rest of the forest was mint and a easy couple of hours to be had.  The trails were getting the leaf blower treatment which is always nice so make sure you stop and thank the volunteers that buff the singletrack for us to ride.  The Don is fantastic.  Again not much to say other than really enjoying perfect conditions.

Motown heading north

This is a far better weather report than what took place this past weekend in Prescott at the Whiskey Race. Yes Arizona, and yes snow, sleet and hail. It seems we are not the only ones...