Wednesday, February 19, 2014

North Mountain via Trail 100

Different route on the 100 again, rode up towards Shaw Butte but ended up on the top of North Mountain.  The climb up to the top was off good and tough and the views worth it.

Funny thing about Phoenix is coming from Toronto I am used to seeing people walking around the streets.  This is not the case here but they are a lot more people out in the parks hiking, trail running, walking etc.

Another good thing about the trail is the free water at various spots along the route so you can still rock a waterbottle.

Everyone I have run into, ridden with, talked to have been great in the 5 rides here and rolling out the driveway at 8 or 9 you can get your daily 2 hours and be back before lunch.

Heading east to meet Dave Thursday and probably riding out at McDowell again but hitting & Dixie Mine then on Fiday its Red Mountain.  Black Canyon is still on the list as well as FINS north and a few more to check off the long list.  Are there really 7' Western Diamond Back Rattlers out there or is Ray trying to sell books ?