Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have had this post in draft form the entire day ( Monday )
A year has passed already since Gary passed away. 

Still can't believe he is gone.  One of the strongest guys I know with his love and commitment to his wife and kids and on the bike.

I can't seem to articulate this loss so I try to focus on the positive memories in tag cloud format and this is the condensed version.

Asheville,  Colnago, Marley, Women, Jamaica, Bikes, Skiing, Work, Family, Careers, 3 Peaks Race, Hilly Hundred, Flat tire -10 c on the road, Frank, Enzo, Jack, Mark, Loss, Lessons, PEDAL at the top of the hill, St. Lawrence Market lunchtimes, Traveling, Stoke City F.C.
Chalice, 6 am winter spin classes pre-work, Sprints,  If your hurting on the bike everyone else is as well, Donut Ride, Ms. Wideman Rides, Warden Rides, Marsh Rides, Commish Rides, Don Rides, Hockley Rides, Zoo Rides..

Gary planted the travel bug in me and he is the reason I cant sit still and want to ride as many places as I can while I can.  He was the catalyst in the the Colorado summer and that trip changed my life. 

Miss you Man.  Stories and Memories for the rest of my Life.  The Keele St Sprint Sign blooms...