Monday, April 29, 2013

Leave the gun, take the Cannoli...

It's no secret I am biased with my Pottsallano Silk ti 29 and all things titanium and that my favorite bike rag is BIKE magazine. So with that this is great introduction to the history behind IBIS.

This year marks BIKE's 20th anniversary or as they put it " 20th year of running with scissors " and they started to produce Founder's events.  Founder’s Event is the love-brain-child of Bike Magazine and Mission Workshop. The goal is simple: snag the creative geniuses who shaped the world of mountain biking, put them on a stage, make them answer all sorts of questions. Drink beer. Hang out.

This video is the full version and a good watch.  The Story Behind Ibis Cycles. If you don't have the full time 18:25 is the jump off point.