Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dupont Forest NC

Cedar Rock Uphill Grind
Another stellar day to wind down a great trip.  Rode 7 out of 8 days and it rained all day on the rest one.  The venue today was Dupont Forest and we stopped into The Hub in Pisgah to grab a map and some trail intel.

Having ridden a lot in this network of trails you need to pick the best of in order to scratch some off as you could not string them all together in a day or even 2.

Cedar Rock, Big Rock, Burnt Mountain, Little River, Resenover, Airstrip, Mine Mountain and that was the day.  The temperature was 70 and the lots were packed but the only trails we ran into other riders were the network of Cedar / Big.  Dupont is Durham an Hardwood combined with an area of Carolina slick rock.  Dupint dries out quick as it's a sand based forest that's 10,400 acres and over 100 miles of trail......

What a way to end.  Next time Pisgah proper gets the explore nod as thats a whole other beast and in the same area.  Sleep, Drive, Eat, Drive back home in 11 hours.

Cedar Rock and Big Rock Junction