Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bent Creek Again ?

Green Lick Trail is a described as a 2.5 mile advanced singletrack descent that drops 800' in a constant barrage of high berms and rolling whoop-de-dos and big drops.  After all of that I still prefer the Ingles Field Gap descent combined with Wolf Gap.  Day 5 in the books with 4 days spent in Bent Creek.  Many new trails and routes this go round.

Point being there are trails for days.  Bent Creek is in Asheville and also has 3 bike shops within 2 miles of the first trailhead / parking lot.  I know there are tons of places that others would argue are better options in NC of which I also agree but this place has it all conveniently bundled at your doorstep.  Long 1000' climbs, forest roads for rain days or miles, sweet singletrack, well signed routes and lots of places to park.   Thursday is rain / rest day and a trip to Industry Nine Wheels for a factory tour. Looking forward to this.