Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blue Ridge Parkway

Riding up on the Parkway today up to Craggy and back.  Once again the road is closed to cars from around Town Mtn Rd all to way to Mount Mitchell which in effect gives you a private bike path cresting the Blue Ridge Mountains and butter smooth pavement.   It's typically an out back where you climb straight for 15 or so kms then it roller coasters a bit then up again and so on.  Then you whenever you want you turn around and rip back down.  Speeds with big ring and Scwhables only hit 65 to 70 max.   Road bikes have a bigger fun factor.  Saw lots of " roadies " today that did the double take at the knobbies but hey it's resistance training for Canadian mountain bikers or commonly known as too lazy to swap tires syndrome......


Have a new addition to the cabin today.  This frame is coming back to Canada and ya it's a 26'er ( remember these ) and yes its carbon and yes its a TRANNY !!