Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"There is no shortcut" in cycling, says Jens Voigt

I rarely post any commentary on here that is not directly related to a shitty bike product or a great cycling trip.  Twenty thousand plus hits later I have people emailing me mainly about the Castellano Silk ti 29 but more recently trip beta from all over the world.

Recently I was disappointed to read Mike Barry's admission of doping and remember the first BIG pro race I saw him do at the first Tour of Georgia when he was racing with Canadian MTB phenom Roland Green for USPS at the time.  Mike was one cyclist I believed would not be caught up in this systemic problem.  We have mutual friends from UCC days and The Donut Ride that were equally surprised.  The disappointment stems from the way doping has taken the soul of cycling and tainted it.  These guys love and live for bikes and for someone like Mike to get caught up in this given his career and results speaks volumes.  Mike never rode the tour, never really had a big win, had lots of crashes and if taken at face value this was attributed to the time spent on USPS.

Final lap at the 2003 World Road Championships in Hamilton Ontario. " Barry attacks"......

Still for me one of the most exciting moments I have seen in live cycling,  MTB or Road period.

The other rider that I have been hoping does not follow suit is Jens Voigt. Jens persona of the true cycling hard man never disappoints with his constant work ethic and attacks. Never a dull day so " Shut up Legs " When I saw this today I admit I got a bit nervous and though oh no here we go again. I was reading all 3 pages hoping for the best but expecting the norm. I hope this stays as is and hope the sport can recover learn and not repeat history.

Jens article can be found here: Turbulent Times by Jens Voigt