Monday, July 2, 2012

1 Mile Wall

Yesterday was a good break from trails.  Went down to Almont to climb in the Taylor Canyon area.

The location was 1 mile wall and it had 2 pitches which translates to a few hundred feet up.  Enough of a workout to enjoy a few double stuffed tacos in town after.

This was the next step up from Mt. CB Guides ridge done on the last trip and surprisingly really enjoyed this.  Fear factor is there for sure but Jason has the highest climbing guide certification available so safety is not ever even a second thought.  The only part of this that was unnerving was the multi pitch approach as your climbing with Jason above insetad of below and you have to un-clip your line yourself as you ascend. 

I never really thought I would enjoy this sport but I would do this again for sure.  Tonight is the last night in Crested Butte and Tuesday means moving down the road to Salida.  Not sure how long will be spent there as the original shuttle / guide fell through so have to see what other options are available for the Monarch Crest trail.