Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sedona Day 7

Well I opted not to rest on the 7th day and after a stack of panckakes and bacon headed out on the last ride of the trip.

Today started out with nice temps but the clouds started moving in and it was colder than the previous 6 great days. Can't complain really. Highlight of the day was watching the blur speed by of a team sky jersey descending the trail we were climbing and man that guy can fly off road as well. Impressive !!

Decided to end on a pretty tough trail called Highline. Rode out Bellrock to Bike Park loops to Templeton to Slim Shady to Highline and to Baldwin return ( that was the plan ) but bypassed Baldwin and got kind of lost so just as well ended up on the road as the rain started.

Life Behind Bar picture atop Highline courtesy of the Go Pro.

Got a solid 7 days of riding in and enjoyed the Santa Cruz. Be back behind a desk in 2 days but Sedona will get a repeat visit very, very soon. Met some really neat people and rode a small ( very very small ) fraction of the trails....