Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hump Day Options

So many trails so little time. Ventured out on a fairly long loop today and the goal was not to rely on maps or suggestions, we eyeballed a loop and set out to go.

The thing that I find good is the difference in terrain as you can go from sandy singletrack to slick rock to small forested areas all within miles.

Today had a good amount of slickrock and I guess the best way to describe it ( imo very different than Moab )is imagine sprinkling baby powder on kitchen tiles and ride it. That's what the sand / rock combo feels like to me.

Trails today were: Made in the Shade, Slim Shady, HT trail, Bell Rock, Little Horse, Llama, Little Bell & Courthouse to Bike & Bean to Hot Tub. 3rd day of riding to the ride. Legs are tired but you forget about than 15 min into the ride. Temps are HOT can't imagine what they do in the summer. I guess go north to Flagstaff ? Going to link with the OTE shop ride on Friday afternoon which will introduce the Sedona West trail systems.