Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sedona, The Desert Mecca is calling....

S E D O N A ~ A R I Z O N A

280 miles South East from Las Vegas lies Sedona. Sedona sits on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau, the land mass that gives us Moab, Fruita, the Grand Canyon. Sitting at 4500 feet there are aprox 130 trails in Sedona that you can access with minimal if at all driving.

Throw in some incredible scenery, super tough rides with mega exposure, cacti, yucca and HOT temps if your here in the summer this is a perfect winter get away from the incredibly drab and dull time spent on rollers in front of the TV in Toronto.

February should be hovering around 60 to 70 f which is perfect for this trip. 25 miles up the road is Flagstaff which sits 3000 feet higher and tends to have more fast, open trails but as you can see from the map below having options and choices directly in town is not going to be a issue, the only issue will be packing as much in to a 8 day window as possible......

Now that I have the intro out the way the next posts in 2 weeks time will be the vids and pics of this desert mecca.

There is a local trail named Damifino and apparantly someone asked the name of the canyon the trail emptied into the reply was - Damn If I know !!!