Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asheville N.C.

We got a great week of trails and road and the weather held out for us nicely. Pic above was from the Dupont Forest Ridgeline trail. Want a great example of a multi use forest ? ok here goes...

We normally ride in the Jim Branch, Hooker Falls, Cedar Rock, Burnt Mtn trails and after doing a ridiculous climb we were catching a break when a guy in a Forester drives down the forest service road to go hiking with his Lab. After a 10 min or so chat he tells us about a great trail they just finished that was done with mtb'ers in mind and we should check it out. The trail was unreal and the guy turned out to be the President of the Friends of Dupont Forest and does not bike.

So after a few days of trails we ended up on the Parkway for a uphill torture session which did not dissapoint. The Parkway has just been freshly paved as you can see from the picture below so the 2 hour climb took just over 30 min to do as the DH and it was butter smooth.

So in the end the week looked like this and Jay we will ride this summer for sure, see you soon.

Video coming soon....ish........