Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dupont Forest

What a killer day. Super hot and dry so ventured over to Dupont Forest to ride a bunch of trail.

Started out at the Cascade Rd lot and rode Cedar Rock trail, Big Rock and the Burnt Mountain loop. Parts of Cedar were a mess with a lot of downed trees ( the back side by the power lines ). That being said the local user communities have done a ton of trail work in there to clear trails and a big thanks goes out to these folks. Carolina slickrock is great and the climb up Cedar was tough as this is normally a fast DH.

Finished up and drove over to the Lake Imaging lot and rode up Ridgeline then did the Hickory Mtn Loop back down to Hooker Creek, then White Pine trail / Buck Forest and capped it off with a high speed descent on Jim Branch.

Covered off most of my favorites today ( I am sure I have missed a few trail names ) and turned it into a mini epic.