Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway

What a epic day. Started out raining, it rained some more then it added snow flurries and hail. So what to do ? Put the slicks on the Silk ti and go climb the Parkway.

The Parkway has been closed to car traffic from Town Mountain Road all the way to Mount Mitchell for a while now but still open to bikes. Imagine then a 28 km climb up to the top then bomb back down on your own private bike path.

Roads were very slick so had to be a bit more conservative but I had the disc brake advantage over the rim brakes on the road bike. At the bottom I was a ice block. Great day out though and the rest of the week is looking really good for some dirt options. Going to check out the Wednesday night crit races at the outdoor velodrome in town.

Only 2 tunnels on this side of the Parkway and they were not curved but man does that mess you up when you plunge into total darkness at speed. Going to post a ride video shortly.

Wednesday morning heading over to the Industry Nine factory for a tour so that should be neat to see where my wheels are made.