Sunday, June 14, 2009

Almost Summer Soltice Time.....

Another great weather weekend under the belt. Saturday we did a road ride to get ready for today's Marathon and we were only out for 55 km. Nice and Easy.

Rico came up and did this one with me today. The only time I saw him was at the start of the race. This was supposed to be a easier time than the Horseshoe Marathon ( 58 km and over 5000 feet of climbing ) However the 78 km with around 4 - 5 k of climbing took it's toll early, I scaled back and opted for the half Marathon today ( 40 km 2000 feet ) and it was brutal. Don't know what the issue was today but I am glad I had that option.

Rico compared this to some of the stage races he does with Jet Fuel and said the long course was the hardest thing he has done on a mountain bike.

Dan your a sadist.

What I know.... from Philip Hudson on Vimeo.