Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hardwood Hills & Copeland Forest

Went up to Hardwood Hills on Saturday. What can you say about this venue. I really like riding here and the trails have changed up a bit to keep it interesting. Elliott and I did our first mountain bike race here back in 94' it was called the B.L.T. Midnight Express 2 man tag team from 8p.m. to midnight. Hardwood also ran a event called the Hardwood raid which was a 80 km race from Hardwood up to Horseshoe / Copeland Forest and back. I keep lobbying Dave & Glenn and others up there to bring this event back.

Speaking of Copeland Forest, 2 weeks a go I did a 56 km Enduro ( elevation chart below ) The Silk Ti 29 was at home on this day. The course was probably the best one lap event I have done. For every foot you climbed you descended. I am pretty sure Dan found every possible hill to include in this. This place is going to get a few more visits now that I have a GPS map of the place. Previously when we ride here we are lost and spend the majority of the time on double track trying to string together a good loop.