Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today I went for a long ride in 40 degree heat but the weird thing was it seemed like the conditions around me were perfect. Sometimes ( and this is one of those times ) you need to do things like this and today's ride was extra hard in all aspects but nothing compared to what my Mum dealt with over the past 2 years.

This was her ride....

I am very glad I got the spend the last few weeks with my mum it is time I will never get back and always cherish.

This again has reminded me it is important, almost urgently to stop taking for granted two things; people and time.

I also saw first hand how strong the human will to live is and again I was left amazed at the strength and dignity my mum demonstrated on a daily basis.

I picked Mono Mills as this was the last outing we had together when we spent last years Mothers day at the local Inn. My mum had just lost all of her hair and did not want to go but did anyway as she always put others before herself in all aspects of life.

I hope I learned a little of this from you and just wanted to thank you Mum......